It’s been a while

I have been a bad blogger. Life has been busy. We were sick. My Grandma is having health issues. (Getting old sucks.) I just haven’t been very motivated even though I have a long list and deadlines. Although I think my sew-jo is renewed because my husband gave me the a-ok to get my dream machine, Pfaff expressions 4.2! He truly is the best :) I was able to go to a Pfaff demo class on Saturday to see what it could do just to make sure it was “the one”. Needless to say it came home with me and I think it is quite happy here. I played with it on Sunday, completely ignored my family. I even managed to finish a pay-it-forward gift. I think I am getting into the flow of this pretty sewing machine. I feel so lucky and blessed to have this as my first machine. I don’t have to use my Moms back up to her backup anymore ;)


The only thing that I am missing is the lever to put my foot up and down but that will come with time. It is such a habit to reach back there. I am almost ready to put Miss Ls quilt together so soon I will be ready to make my first FMQ voyage on her. I am so excited to have 10” of throat space plus my table extension! Can we say spoiled! Speaking of spoiled, Miss L thought since I wasn’t using my Moms old machine anymore and my Mom didn’t really want it back that we should set it up for her. So here is our new sewing set up. I even organized her little stash in a bin.


Yes she is already sewing in her PJs.


Happy sewing everyone! I will be back with my March goal soon :) I was so disappointed that I missed posting Februarys goal.


Renee said...
February 28, 2014 at 6:59 AM

OoooOooh, a nice new machine! Does it have a knee lifter? It took me a white to try mine, but it is awesome. Your mom's machine looks so small compared to the new one. How fun your daughter gets to see right next to you...I hope my daughter (or son) enjoys sewing that much too.

Heather D. said...
March 3, 2014 at 2:31 PM

My grandma is having health issues too. :(

I love your machine! Before I bought my Babylock I had a Pfaff and I liked everything about it except for the even feed feature just didn't work on the machine I had, for me or for my saleslady, so I exchanged it for the Babylock. Still makes me a bit sad, I loved my pink Pfaff in every other way!

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