Life gets in the way!

So I have stopped babysitting for the month of January to help me have the time to get a few things done before the baby comes. I have a glider/rocker that my sister in law gave me that I need to recover. I have a baby quilt the I have put together just sitting waiting to be quilted….

I bought this awesome book to make a new diaper bag. I am pretty excited about the projects in it. Simple and cute! Let me know if you want to come take a peek!

But I then got sick. I haven’t done anything not even clean my house! First Lorelei got sick so I was busy taking care of her and then she gave it to me and now I have a rotten ear infection! Being sick and pregnant is the worst! I do hope that i feel better for when this baby decides to arrive! And maybe just maybe I will get a few things done that I wanted too!

Lorelei’s Apron

I made an apron for Lorelei for Christmas since we gave her a play kitchen. I thought she would love it. So it turns out she really doesn’t want much to do with it only wearing a few times since Christmas but I am sure she will use it more as she gets older. Oh and she also seems to want it on when she see me put mine on, which is cute!

I used a old children’s apron as a pattern and also looked at a few tutorials for tips. Afterwards I decided to fully line the apron, so the inside is the pocka dot fabric like on the ties and pockets. I also decided to use d-rings to the neck so I only had to tie the waist band.



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