Bear Carrier

I was cleaning off my sewing table when I came across the Oliver + S bear carrier from their book little things to sew that I had cut out but neglected to sew together. It was a pretty simple project and a quick sew. I did not use buttons or button holes instead I used some big plastic snaps recycled from my Mom’s workroom.


Ta da final product:


Elena loved carrying her bunny around that I am needing to make another one since Lorelei doesn’t want to share. Of course she doesn’t want to share because she is not a very good sharer. Even though she only leaves the carrier one for about a minute before she takes it off.



Just a couple signs…

I figured I would throw in a non-quilting post since I have been a little addicted as of late. I am patiently waiting for fabric to arrive in the mail to start Scott’s quilt, I have a feeling I am not going to get it done for his birthday like I had planned… Anyhow…

For Mothers day I made my Mother-in-law this:


And a few months ago I made this little sign for my cousins little girl:


I can’t wait to move into my new house so I can make some things for my house and my girls. Oh to be able to decorate! My Silhouette Cameo will be very busy!

Lorelei’s Quilt

Lorelei is my horse loving little girl. So when I came across this purple and pink pony print by Michael Miller I knew I had to make her something with it. Then I started collecting a few other prints from the Michael Miller western line and a few paisley prints from my local fabric store. I spent hours on the internet trying to find a pattern that would feature this wonderful print and not cut up the ponies into heads, tails and legs…lol. At first I thought I was going to make this quilt called fit for a princess from sew, mama, sew by Katy of I’m a ginger monkey but then I explored Katy’s blog and came across her tutorial section and a pattern called Tie Me Up. So in the end I kept the dimensions of the fit for a princess quilt but changed it up to be like the tie me up quilt. It fits her current bed perfectly and when she doesn’t want it on her bed anymore it will be a perfect picnic or snuggle on the couch quilt!


She was beyond thrilled to be able to finally sleep with her blanket!


We went outside and got a picture of it not all tucked in. On the back it is the purple paisley print. It is approx. 60” by 75”


I think I will now admit that I am addicted to quilting. I can’t wait to learn something new and start my next project!

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