What in the world can you make a boy?

So I have taken on the task of making Christmas gifts this year. I am trying my best to have a homemade Christmas except with a few bigger items of course. I have come up with ideas for all the girls around me but what in the world can you make a boy? I have seen a few items that could be cool but I have no idea if they would like them or even use them. So I need some help. Would a boy in your life use any of the following?

A reusable cup cozyimage

A reusable snack bagimage

A Ipod caseimage

Cookies in a jarimage

A zipper pouchimage

Or maybe a lovely framed picture from Scott’s dinosaur collection…IMG_4802

I have a had a few other ideas but my lovely husband thought they were silly. I am not too sure what to do. Maybe I will just have to go to the store and buy something. Boys are so difficult sometimes…

My biggest project yet…

So I have fallen in love with some fabric, it is designed by Lila Tueller from her Santorini collection… image

I bought some of it along with a few other prints from the Santorini collection from an  etsy fabric shop today! I am so excited for it to come to my house! When I saw it I knew it would be prefect for a quilt for Lorelei’s future big girl bed. I went on a search for a pattern and found this one from the moda bakeshop. I think that looks somewhat easy for a first quilt. Hopefully mine will looks as nice as this one,


The cutest Strawberry ever!

This was Lorelei’s first Halloween. At first I wasn’t really going to dress her up but then I saw a picture of a little girl in a strawberry and fell in love with the idea. So after finding some scrap fabric from grandma’s house, a few hours of sewing, some creative pattern drafting, and a search for red tights *poof* the cutest Strawberry ever appeared!

We took her trick or treating. I was surprised how into it she got, knocking on the doors and being so friendly even trying to invite herself in a few times. My toddling little strawberry did good at getting her Mommy and Daddy some yummy candy. Hey I deserve something after working so hard at making her costume! 

SDP-20091031-111SDP-20091031-144 SDP-20091031-183SDP-20091031-194

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