Idea Pouches plus Mini swap

I made a couple Idea Pouches by Michelle Patterns as extras in the two swap packages I mailed out this past month. I love this pattern! I need to make a couple more up for my girls and fill them with goodies for our road trip to Calgary which is a good 10 hour drive. The first one the pattern is printed at 100% you can either fit a Ipad or a notebook inside. Since I was making it for a four year old I chose a sketch pad! As you can see there was plenty of room for stickers and such as well.


The second one I made with the pattern printed at 75%. I was able to find a smaller notepad and some neon pens to put inside for my partner. It can also fit a mini Ipad at this size. I chose to use a hair tie as a closure here instead of the two buttons and ribbon. I totally recommend this pattern. It is a great sew and I think a handy thing for a student or child or a creator on the go!


I decided to make the Ribbon Star block  tutorial from Freshly Pieced for the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap. She requested Tula Pink among other designers but i decided to go with fun. Tula is fun. I was so lucky that an IG friend sent me a scrap of raccoons and the top dot print. It really made everything fall into place. I really loved making this mini. It finished at 12”.


I was so glad she loved it. I was a little worried but I think we are always nervous sending out swap items!

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Warm Wishes Swap

I was reminded today of why I haven’t been blogging. It seems as soon as I sit at the computer someone is crying or arguing or maybe a bum needs to be wiped… So frustrating. Although I need to do this. I have missed blogging. Sometimes being a Stay at Home Mom is lonely. Sometimes you really feel like you are going to lose your cool. So blogger I am back! I am going to share some new projects and play a little catch up too. If you follow me on IG you will have already seen most of this but “real” pictures are always better! After I am all caught up I’ll organize a little giveaway! Anyhow…

I was so thrilled to be invited into a group of lovely ladies on Flickr to swap with. We just finished round one. I was paired up with a fellow Canadian sewist and we got to talking about what we would like. We decided to make each other something to help us stay organized around our sewing space, a surprise and something for the little ladies in our life. The swap had a summer theme to it which I was excited to use some of my favorite colors.

I started trying to make a clamshell mini but failed. So next I use some of the same fabrics and made a Thimble and Blossoms Mini Puddle Jumping quilt. I have to say that those teeny tiny pieces were a pain but it was totally worth it. I was able to use some of my treasured fabric scraps some liberty cottons, Henna, Chicopee, etc.


I really love how it turned out I really want to keep it! Lol. You must love what you make especially if it is for someone else. This was her surprise item. Although since it was so small (12” square) I added a little spool mini made with some Anna Maria Horner True Color scraps. I used the spool pattern from the Liberty Love book. I am making myself one of these! It is just waiting to be quilted :)


Next I made the Pocket Caddy from Quilting Happiness. I used warmer colors, they remind me of the beach at the end of the day. There was a slight measurement issue which caused the top pocket to butt up to the top dowel but I was able to add a panel for length and hide it. I don’t think anyone would notice if I didn’t tell you.


Lastly I made an idea pouch for her little. She told me not to worry about her 1 1/2 year old so I have to admit I got carried away for the older one. I love this pouch. I actually made a smaller one for my schnitzel and boo mini quilt sway partner too. I am going to share that with you next post since I took pictures of them together.

The best part about swapping within Canada is that I didn’t have to worry about filling in those custom slips that ruin any surprises that are inside! It was fun spoiling her!


I received the most lovely items from Deanna too. I’ll share them with you in a bit! I really loved being part of this swap!

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