Fabric Baskets

I recently joined a swap. My secret partner asked for a fabric basket I had never made one before so I made it my task to learn. At first I started little and made a small patchwork basket. I used Ayumi’s tutorial on her blog Pink Penguin. It was super quick and easy. My daughter fell in love with it right away, lol. It annoys me that I switched thread colors in the middle but oh well it will be used and loved anyways.

My second basket I used a tutorial on the sew4home website you can find it here. It was a little bit more finicky but I used some of the methods I learned from making the small one for sewing this one together.


Finally the most exciting part of this basket the basket weave braid star! It is paper pieced using this pattern here. I set my printer to print two of the templates on a page to shrink it down. I didn’t need a huge star. I loved making it and using my teeny tiny pieces of Simply Color.

If you haven't made a fabric basket you should. It is a great little sewing project! I can’t wait to gather up the rest of the stuff for my partner. I hope she will love the basket I send her!

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big girl quilt plans

My littlest girl just turned two and will soon out grow her baby quilt (my very first quilt I made, I had no clue what I was doing!). So when I saw the new Aneela Hoey line Posy I needed to have it for her big girl quilt. She loves bunnies! For Valentines day my sweet husband told me I could buy some fabric so you can imagine what I bought. You got it Posy. I wanted to buy some yardage but shipping to Canada is a little outrageous so I bought four charm packs instead. I love the spring colors in this line.


I am excited to make a quilt block pattern that has been on my list the Dutch pinwheel. I came across this scrappy version on a blog called MessyJesse and think that is will be perfect for Posy.

I have a few quilts above this one to make and finish but it has been added to the list and I am super excited about it!

On another note I noticed I am close to 100 posts. I am grateful for the handful of people who follow my blog. I know I am not very exciting but I sure like to share my projects!

Simply Color Baby Boy Quilt

This is another baby quilt that doesn’t have a home. One that will just sit patiently until someone wants it. I used up the last of my layer cake to make this sweet quilt. I was suppose to practice Free Motion Quilting but could not for the life of me figure it out on my machine. Luckily since I finished this quilt I have learned how to set up my machine and can now start practicing!

I think that the straight quilting suits it. In the solid the quilting is about an inch apart and in the prints the quilting is about 2 inches apart.

I used the Oh Fransson pattern.


Do you see how crinkly it looks!


I love this quilt and hope it finds it way to a good home one day! Or maybe I will keep it tucked away for the day we plan on trying to bring a boy into our family (I hope that my husband gets a son one day). Speaking of babies my youngest is turning two on Monday where does the time go? I just order her some posy charm packs to make her a big girl quilt. I will share my plans for her quilt later this week. Yet another quilt to add to the list!

Until then Happy Sewing!

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Triple Zip Pouch

I decided to join in on the fun on Flickr and make a triple zip pouch! There is a sew along happening right now. You can find it here and there are a few days left!  I followed the tutorial found on A Quilter’s Table blog. Thanks Deb! I added a wristlet to it since I was replacing the pouch that had kept my safety pins and that one had one.

I used my scraps from my unfinished Joel Dewberry quilt. I have a love hate relationship with it. Although I love how this pouch turned out. Plus I was able to find some vintage zips in the perfect colors!


the front:


the back:


A Quilter’s Table


So I joined my first swap on Flickr it is called the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap. I am super excited about it. I get to make someone a pouch, needle book or fabric basket. I hope that I have enough scraps if what my partner will like since my collection isn’t huge. I have been practicing my pouch skills zippered and non zippered. Made a boxy pouch the other day! I will show you guys once I make the matching needle book and take a picture. It is a project for my Pay it Forward challenge I posted on facebook.

I am excited for the challenge and the opportunity to make someone's day! (hopefully) Lol. I had fun making my mosaic!


1. DQS9, 2. Mouthy Stitches pouch, 3. pouch detail, 4. Mouthy stitches #1 pouch front, 5. X + zip pouch, 6. Needle Book, 7. single girl option 2, 8. Applique leaf needle book, 9. fabric basket, 10. Interlocking Stars Pouch, 11. scrap pouch front, 12. Scrappy Applique Pillow - 2, 13. Cosmos Pillow Complete -Front, 14. Sunday Stash #167, 15. Amy Butler Soul Blossom, 16. Fabric Bird Appliques

Now I have to wait to get a partner! Yay!

Table Runner

My sister in law asked me to make her a table runner after Christmas since they had rearranged things in their living room and were needing a little table protection! She wanted something with squares or rectangles but only about 6 inches wide. I made the pattern up as I went. She was thrilled with it and I was glad to do something for someone who does so much for those around her! Plus she watches our girls for us too!


I practiced some machine stitched binding this time and it worked! No troubles with it missing anything on the back.


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