Idea Pouches plus Mini swap

I made a couple Idea Pouches by Michelle Patterns as extras in the two swap packages I mailed out this past month. I love this pattern! I need to make a couple more up for my girls and fill them with goodies for our road trip to Calgary which is a good 10 hour drive. The first one the pattern is printed at 100% you can either fit a Ipad or a notebook inside. Since I was making it for a four year old I chose a sketch pad! As you can see there was plenty of room for stickers and such as well.


The second one I made with the pattern printed at 75%. I was able to find a smaller notepad and some neon pens to put inside for my partner. It can also fit a mini Ipad at this size. I chose to use a hair tie as a closure here instead of the two buttons and ribbon. I totally recommend this pattern. It is a great sew and I think a handy thing for a student or child or a creator on the go!


I decided to make the Ribbon Star block  tutorial from Freshly Pieced for the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap. She requested Tula Pink among other designers but i decided to go with fun. Tula is fun. I was so lucky that an IG friend sent me a scrap of raccoons and the top dot print. It really made everything fall into place. I really loved making this mini. It finished at 12”.


I was so glad she loved it. I was a little worried but I think we are always nervous sending out swap items!

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Warm Wishes Swap

I was reminded today of why I haven’t been blogging. It seems as soon as I sit at the computer someone is crying or arguing or maybe a bum needs to be wiped… So frustrating. Although I need to do this. I have missed blogging. Sometimes being a Stay at Home Mom is lonely. Sometimes you really feel like you are going to lose your cool. So blogger I am back! I am going to share some new projects and play a little catch up too. If you follow me on IG you will have already seen most of this but “real” pictures are always better! After I am all caught up I’ll organize a little giveaway! Anyhow…

I was so thrilled to be invited into a group of lovely ladies on Flickr to swap with. We just finished round one. I was paired up with a fellow Canadian sewist and we got to talking about what we would like. We decided to make each other something to help us stay organized around our sewing space, a surprise and something for the little ladies in our life. The swap had a summer theme to it which I was excited to use some of my favorite colors.

I started trying to make a clamshell mini but failed. So next I use some of the same fabrics and made a Thimble and Blossoms Mini Puddle Jumping quilt. I have to say that those teeny tiny pieces were a pain but it was totally worth it. I was able to use some of my treasured fabric scraps some liberty cottons, Henna, Chicopee, etc.


I really love how it turned out I really want to keep it! Lol. You must love what you make especially if it is for someone else. This was her surprise item. Although since it was so small (12” square) I added a little spool mini made with some Anna Maria Horner True Color scraps. I used the spool pattern from the Liberty Love book. I am making myself one of these! It is just waiting to be quilted :)


Next I made the Pocket Caddy from Quilting Happiness. I used warmer colors, they remind me of the beach at the end of the day. There was a slight measurement issue which caused the top pocket to butt up to the top dowel but I was able to add a panel for length and hide it. I don’t think anyone would notice if I didn’t tell you.


Lastly I made an idea pouch for her little. She told me not to worry about her 1 1/2 year old so I have to admit I got carried away for the older one. I love this pouch. I actually made a smaller one for my schnitzel and boo mini quilt sway partner too. I am going to share that with you next post since I took pictures of them together.

The best part about swapping within Canada is that I didn’t have to worry about filling in those custom slips that ruin any surprises that are inside! It was fun spoiling her!


I received the most lovely items from Deanna too. I’ll share them with you in a bit! I really loved being part of this swap!

Catnap Pow Wow

I finished this quilt a while ago but it was a gift. I didn’t totally want to give the surprise away! I snuck in a few sneak peeks of  pictures of fabrics but that is all Brie knew. I even delivered it to her MILs house so she could have it for her new baby girl Keira right as they arrived in Canada.


I used Cluck Cluck Sew’s Pow Wow quilt pattern. This is the second time I have made this pattern and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. It is such a great sew! If you haven’t sewn this pattern and it is on your list you should try it now!


I used the Catnap line by Lizzy House. These kitty cats sure make you smile! I know that these prints aren’t in the typical “girl” colors but I loved them all together. Plus pink is overrated ;) I love green!  So guess what I even backed it in green minky and straight line quilted it with green thread!


I missed posting this yesterday for the link ups but I have a couple more finishes to share in the next week! Finished quilts are the best :) Plus some goals to make!

Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress

Last week an order came in the mail with some sweet kitty cat fabrics. I bought one for me and one for my cat loving three year old. When I took it out of the package she squealed with delight when she saw her fabric. I gave her a few options of what Mommy could make her and some how I was convinced to make her a dress. I had only ordered a yard so I went on hunt for the perfect pattern.

I picked the Ice Cream Dress by Oliver and S. The pockets sold me because she is in love with pockets! I was able to download it digitally. Print it out on my FIL’s large plotter printer that we still have from building the house with some help from the husband of course. Yay  for no taping! I had even managed to buy some parchment paper recently which worked perfectly for tracing out the pattern size I needed!


I happened to have just enough Stella Dot in Pink and Purple print for the top and bottom left over from Miss L’s quilt! The colors are made for each other so perfect for the Hello Petal Kitty Cat print. I love that everything is faced on the inside the only exposed seams are the side seams which could easily be done as a french seam. The extra lining fabric on the skirt band gives it a nice weight.


It just has a button and loop closure. Luckily we even had a button! I made her the size 3T (which happens to fit her older sister too it is just a lot shorter.) I am hoping it will fit Miss E for a while. She told me today that she wants me to make her lots of dresses and skirts. I guess my vow of not being a garment seamstress is void.


Who can say no to such a cutie?! Also big sis thinks she needs a dress too. I am stuck on what size to make Miss L though because her measurements are so small. She is nothing but bones and muscle, she actually measures tinier that her little sister. Miss L saw the Geranium dresses Amy made for her girls so you will most likely see the exact same fabric and dress here for my horse lover! After I figure out what size to make that is…


I joined a swap on IG a few weeks ago where the idea of the swap was that you sew something and then you get something knitted or crocheted in return. My partner gave me a list of things she wanted so I picked one and went with it. I picked the Noodlehead Divided Basket pattern. I knew she likes colorful fabrics so I figured that the lovely fat eighth bundle of Mor Mor and Sylvia I had sitting would be a lovely choice for her. I didn’t just want to make a plain baskets that would be too boring. I cut out 2” triangles and I have to say I love the results. I embellished the pocket…


…and then on the other side I put a strip of triangles going down it.


I ordered some DearStella scissors from Patterncrush for the lining and some Essex dyed linen in black from Westwood Acres. When the linen arrived in the mail I knew it was meant to be. I have to say my basket is jealous of the time and effort I put into this one ;)


Jealous or not I love my basket. I keep it just behind my sewing machine the current things I am working on have seemed to gather in there.


It’s been a while

I have been a bad blogger. Life has been busy. We were sick. My Grandma is having health issues. (Getting old sucks.) I just haven’t been very motivated even though I have a long list and deadlines. Although I think my sew-jo is renewed because my husband gave me the a-ok to get my dream machine, Pfaff expressions 4.2! He truly is the best :) I was able to go to a Pfaff demo class on Saturday to see what it could do just to make sure it was “the one”. Needless to say it came home with me and I think it is quite happy here. I played with it on Sunday, completely ignored my family. I even managed to finish a pay-it-forward gift. I think I am getting into the flow of this pretty sewing machine. I feel so lucky and blessed to have this as my first machine. I don’t have to use my Moms back up to her backup anymore ;)


The only thing that I am missing is the lever to put my foot up and down but that will come with time. It is such a habit to reach back there. I am almost ready to put Miss Ls quilt together so soon I will be ready to make my first FMQ voyage on her. I am so excited to have 10” of throat space plus my table extension! Can we say spoiled! Speaking of spoiled, Miss L thought since I wasn’t using my Moms old machine anymore and my Mom didn’t really want it back that we should set it up for her. So here is our new sewing set up. I even organized her little stash in a bin.


Yes she is already sewing in her PJs.


Happy sewing everyone! I will be back with my March goal soon :) I was so disappointed that I missed posting Februarys goal.

Doll Quilt Swap 14 received

I wanted to share the mini that arrived in my mailbox from Kristin at andChips. There was such a great group of talented ladies in the DQS14 on Flickr. It was so hard to figure out which one would be coming to you. Plus you your never expect the person you were making for would be making for you. Well guess what that happened! Mr. Fox went to live with Kristin and her loving star dresden (you can find the tutorial for the dresden here) came and lived with me!  


She said she was inspired by the shape of  my sewing room. I love all the low volume and  prints that she used! It is perfect :) And look she put a little stitching of Mr.Fox on the back as a label! Such a lovely reminder. Btw if you are wondering she loves Mr.Fox he is such a charmer.


I now have two minis on my wall! It is so nice to being finally hanging things in my space plus I am doing a private mini swap with one of my blogging friends too! So exciting!!!  


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