New Fabric!

Some fabric I added to my stash after I went to a LQS on Granville Island called the Cloth Shop.

Something for my daughter, something for me and something just because :)

I got this super cute charm pack for an upcoming line called Spring House! I am pretty sure I am going to make myself a hexie table runner with it! Maybe something like this:

Hexagon Table Runner

Tuck in behind is a butterfly print called Starry Skies, Butterflies and a red/pink floral print called Princess Petal from Once upon a time by Alexander Henry. I got some white dot on mint for the inside of the apron since I like to line children’s aprons.

Then I bought a piece of Amy Butler Soul Blossoms to go with my Cameo collection! It is the Delhi Blooms print in Grass. It makes me happy!

Fabric stash

It was super nice to see some beautiful fabrics in person! And I am lucky my husband lets me indulge a little! Speaking of indulging I let myself go into the Pfaff store a take a peek at the sewing machine that I want. It was so pretty and smart! One day….


Drawstring bags

I made some drawstring bags over the weekend for my girls. We go to church every Sunday and my girls often like to color. Well the crayon rolls just didn't hold enough so I tried something new. Little drawstring bags. I used the Lined Drawstring bag pattern from In Color Order. These are the Snack sized bags and I have to say they fit the mini twistable crayons and the pip squeaks markers perfectly! Here is to hoping we have less crayons rolling all over the pew.


Next I made an Artist sized one for my sister. She is going to be going to school for animation and has been busy carrying her sketch book around to get her portfolio ready. Now she doesn't have to fear it getting dirty!


I have to say that this pattern is awesome!

On a side note I signed up for my first swap. I am kinda excited!

My baby is 4!

We had a week of the never ending birthday for Miss Lorelei. This is cake number one. She wanted us to sing her happy birthday before we went to my Mom’s to actually sing her happy birthday, lol. After our annual New Years day family dinner.


On her actual birthday my sister in law invited us over for dinner.  Lorelei opening gifts before dinner.


The night before her birthday I stayed up and made that party dress for her dolly. It is her favourite! Thanks Costco for an awesome present for my little girl. She loves horses!!!!


and her dolly!


Cake number two don’t mind the icing! It was not a great cake decorating moment but what it lacked in looks it made up in taste. Oh and don’t tell Kelli I put it on my blog…


The next morning she had to paint her picture right away!


That night we went to Cirque Du Solei with our little girl. Her favourite part of Amaluna was the lizard guy (he turned out to be the juggler.) Then she insisted on going to a restaurant, lol. We were all hungry!


Okay I know this post is getting long…

On Saturday we had a little birthday party with her friends. She has asked me if she could have one with a mermaid cake. Sadly most of her friends were sick but she had fun anyways!

They ate:


They decorated felt crowns I had made:


Sang happy birthday again. Yes the third cake!


Opened present:



And this is four!


Hoo’s in the Forest Tumbler Quilt

My awesome local sewing buddy moved back to Australia. It is sad. Very sad. I miss her and her family. I miss our crazy sewing days. I know that it was the best decision for her family and one day our paths will cross again until then there is all that social media stuff so we can chat sewing stuff.

Anyways she left a stack of scraps behind. Brie had made a darling quilt for her little girl out of this Riley Blake line. I figured that I could  probably make some other little girl a cute quilt with it too. So I took my tumbler template to all the scraps and there was enough to make a quilt.

I was suppose to practice FMQ but kinda failed. I will try again one day….

I love how bright and cheerful this quilt is. I hope it makes some little girl happy one day.



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Simply Color Pinwheel Doll Quilt

I can finally share this finish! I love how this little quilt turned out!

I made Miss L a baby doll quilt to match her Pow Wow blanket for Christmas. These pinwheels came from all the scraps that were cut off of the Pow Wow blocks! I had a few struggles with it but in the end it was worth it. The quilt is about a 22 inch square.


Since I had cut the Pow Wow blocks out of a layer cake I also had some three inch scraps. So I decided to use them as the backing although it was not quite enough but luckily I had a few other pieces of simply color hanging around.


Little Miss L decided she likes the back better than the front but that is alright with me. Here are a few pictures from Christmas morning. Miss E loves her butterfly doll quilt  as soon as she unwrapped it she needed to find her baby and put her baby to bed. So sweet!


Dancing/Rocking with their babies. I love these little girls!


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