May Goal Complete

Well I finished the quilt top as my May Goal! Honestly I wanted to get more done but life got in the way. I am glad that I focused and got this much done though! My little two year old seems pleased too! I used the Inside Out quilt pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew and the beautiful Posy fabric line by Aneela Hoey. (My two year old loves bunnies!) I added the left over pieces of the charm squares as a border so it is a little bigger so it can last her a little longer. I have enough fabric set aside for her bigger quilt one day a dutch pinwheel is in the works but it will much too large for her current bed. I accidently bought too much fabric so I had enough charm squares for the two quilts. Oops.

Anyways here it is:

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Stuffy Sleeping Bags

Last Friday was a little too eventful for my liking. My daughter was in a week long preschool horseback camp. Her love! She is obsessed with horses. Well at the moment sadly she has mixed feelings about them since her horse spooked a little tossing her off and causing her to break for arm, thank goodness it is just a small break. Luckily it happened on the last day of the classes and she has good memories of the rest of the week. Well in the midst of her getting use to her arm in a cast she has asked me to do things for her especially since she broke her right arm. She is now becoming more and more able now that a week has passed.

While we were at the hospital her Dad happened to be near a Disney store. Miss L requested a sparkly princess with a crown. Her Dad found the perfect soft princess to snuggle with. She is Sofia the First, apparently the newest princess. She was the pick me up that Miss L needed.

SDP-20130518-19-Edit(Yes she is wearing PJs in this picture but they were brand new. We had to get a few more short sleeved ones for her to get around her cast.)

A few days later she requested a sleeping bag for her princess. I found a tutorial that I printed out and had to make larger for her princess. You can find it here on apple cyder.


I even practiced my FMQing on Sofia’s sleeping bag! It is not perfect but I am still proud of it! Since I made one for Miss L of course I had to make one for her sister. Tinkerbell deserved a sleeping bag too. I did not increase the pattern for tinkerbell since the pattern said it was for a 8-10 inch stuffy but I should of since her bun causes it to be a little snug. I should have measured tinkerbell before making it but she was tucked away cuddling with Miss E. Oh well she still fits. I just did some straight line quilting on the sleeping bag.


Two cozy stuffies. I was asked to make more for all the stuffies in the house. I am hoping that request is forgotten.


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Blogger’s Quilt Festival

I haven’t made a huge section of quilts since the last Bloggers Quilt Festival so it was a little hard to choose from the handful I have made on which one I wanted to share.

I finally decided on my daughter’s quilt. It is well loved and she won’t go to sleep without it. Her feet almost stick out the end now since she has been growing so much. I used the Pow Wow quilt pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew. I used a Simply Color layer cake by V and co. for the chevrons. It is backed in eggplant minky so the quilt is super soft and cuddling just like she asked for.


Quilt Stats

Finished Size: approx. 36” by 42”

Pieced and quilted by me!

Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival -

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A little something

You know those rare moments when your husband asks you to sew something for them. Well the other day that happened to me, he asked me to make an earbud pouch so the next morning I whipped one up. I pulled some scraps out from a quilt I made for him. (If you are new around here I made a zig zag computer geek themed quilt in the fall. You can see it here if you want.)

Anyways I used the dog under your desk tutorial found here. Super quick and easy. I still need to make one for myself. She has a lot of quick easy pouch tutorials, they make putting in zippers not very scary. If you want to venture into making pouches check them out.

Some Pac Man ghosts:

And some Space Invaders:

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Mother’s Day

For Mother’s day this year my little sweet four year old found my selvage pieces from some field study FQs and asked if she could make me a pouch with them for Mother’s Day. She was in the midst of asking for a pink zipper and a needle with thread. When I said it is going to be kind of hard to sew all those strips together with a needle and thread so how about we use the sewing machine. She was so gitty! Her sister happened to have gone to sleep early that night which gave me the opportunity to let her use my sewing machine since her Dad was at the movies.

I lined up the strips and fed them into the machine. Lorelei stood in between the sewing machine and me stepping on the presser foot or as she called it the petal. I did set my machine to “sew slow” so she wouldn’t run over my fingers. She sewed all the strips together this way and the zipper. I took over for the top stitching and the assembling of the pouch. She was sooooo proud of her pouch. I love it! She also was thrilled to put the “kitty cat fabric” on the back since I had a spare block from my quilt I am making. I will always remember our first sewing project we made together and will forever cherish it!

She was also very thoughtful and picked out a card for me while shopping with her dad a couple weekends ago. It was perfect!

I am so blessed to be a Mommy to two beautiful little girls and a wife to the love of my life! I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am one lucky girl.


Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s day!

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To Boston with Love

So one of my local quilt guilds started this amazing effort to make bunting flags to send to Boston. You can read about it here. I do not meet with this guild but have felt their support via Instagram on my journey of learning how to quilt. I quickly whipped one up and luckily mailed it locally so it can make it to the VMQG meet on the 20th. I hope that one day in the future I can go to the guild meets but at the moment in life it is just too crazy with kids, building a house, etc. etc.

If you live in the states I am sure that you have enough time to make one and send it off. You can mail it to Amy details are here.

Anyways here is my bunting flag:


I paper pieced the heart. I used this pattern but enlarged it a bit. I outlined the heart in a 12w variegated pink Aurifil thread. I hadn’t used it in my machine before. I had to play with the tension a bit but all in all it worked well.

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May Goal

I failed at completing my April goal… oh well. I am not going to fail this month though. I am making my two year old a toddler quilt. It is colorful, busy and full of bunnies. She is going to love it. Hopefully she will allow it to replace her baby quilt that is starting to look a little grubby from being drug around.

So far all the blocks are sewn and they are pinned in rows. Now I just need to sew it all together and back it in the pink minky. She won’t sleep with it unless it is soft… So my goal is to finish this quilt top! It is almost there!

I used Aneela Hoey’s Posy charm packs and some posy bunny yardage for the insides of the inside out pattern by cluck cluck sew.

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