Fabric Flower…

So a while back I made a fabric flower as a request from a client of my Mom’s. I made a pink one as a sample with what I had at home. She loved it so I made an ivory one with organza and satin, then put a ton of beads in the center. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of it. The pink one remained with me sad in the closet until I had my new beautiful girl. I pulled it out put a big pink rhinestone in the middle and here you have it! 

It was pretty simple to make. I drew out a large flower and a medium flower as a pattern. Cut out two of each of them. Then for the center I drew our a petal and cut out five of them. Then light a candle and very carefully melted the edges. I layered all the pieces together and then either put beads or a rhinestone in the middle. I attached the flower to a hair clip and then had a beautiful prop for pictures.

PS. if you are to make one of these on your own make sure the fabric will melt and not burn. It needs to be synthetic not a natural fiber.

Let me introduce Elena for those who haven’t met her yet…



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