My baby girls’ dress made by me!

So a few months ago my Mom bought me some patterns so I could make Lorelei a dress or two. I decided to try the simplest one first. I recycled an old denim skirt and used some pink fabric that was left over from another project. The only thing that I had to buy was the ribbon for the flower stem and some hot pink thread :) I am pretty proud of how it turned out and am excited to start the next dress even though I have to learn how to do button holes. I usually just let my Mom do that type of thing, button holes, zippers, you know the tricky things but I am a big girl now and should learn how to do them.

The completed dress:


The dress is a little big for Lorelei still but I couldn’t resist putting it on her for a quick photo shoot. 


I just liked this picture. Bagheera is Lorelei’s new best friend whether he likes it or not!


Nursery Rhymes…

As some of you know I went to school and got my Early Childhood Education Certificate. During that time you have to build up your resources and props for circles and other activities to keep the children from climbing up the walls. One of my favorite places to go on the internet is  they have a ton of awesome things.  One section is full of Nursery Rhymes that we all grew up on. I thought that I would simply print some out and one day soon Lorelei will have a blast with them!

So this is something quick and easy! All you need is a printer, cardstock (normal paper works too but it is not as durable) and some clear shelf liner or a laminator (laminating the pieces makes the pieces stronger than the shelf liner, it depends on how destructive your child is). Oh and of course some self-adhesive Velcro for the back if you plan on using them on a felt board. I just printed them in color but if your child is older they may enjoy coloring the pieces them self.

Down By the Bay:SDP-20090824-2 Old McDonald:SDP-20090824-3 Pussy cat, pussy cat:SDP-20090824-4


Recently I made some felt coasters for a friend who got married. I sat in front the computer trying to get inspiration for my design and came across some lovely paper which I can not find the website at the moment to show you. After I drew out what I wanted. I cut out the pieces, pulled out some embroidery floss then sewed it all together. I really enjoy sewing by hand, the control and exactness you can achieve. Although when I was a teenager and was forced to sew with my Mom I hated it! I am thankful for the skill that I have, I could not imagine what I would do without it.


A couple Christmases ago I also made these coasters for my sister in-laws. I can not take credit for designing the leaf ones or the green ones but I designed the layered sunflower. I think that one day I should sit down and make some for myself :) Oh did I mention that I LOVE  felt, I want to learn how to make some one day. Although I think that involves knitting and I am not good at that :(


IMG_0111 IMG_0495

Not very pretty but very handy…

So I made this nursing cover before we went on our family vacation in May. I must say that I love it. I find that it is perfect when you are out at a restaurant or even at the mall on a bench and you need to feed your darling baby. I had no problem nursing without it but now I am not concerned about flashing the world or having that darn receiving blanket fall off of my shoulder while I am trying to nurse.

You can’t see it very well in this picture. All it is a rectangular piece of material with a strap with d rings around the neck also a piece of boning to have the fabric stand away from your body so you can see your baby still. I found the instructions to make one here. I think that it is the perfect small project to make for yourself or to make as a gift :) The nursing cover was super easy to make.


My Mai Tei

I took on this project to see if it would help me when I am out shopping and Lorelei refuses to stay in her stroller. I know I could have gone to a store and bought a carrier for a little bit of money but instead I wanted to see if I could make one. I found an amazing blog with a step by step tutorial that was very handy. I probably couldn’t have done it without it.  The Mai Tei took me a few hours from start to finish, I sewed it in two evenings once Lorelei was in bed. All in all it was fairly simple. It looks a lot harder than it actually was.



We went to Lynn Valley for the day where we had the opportunity to use it for the first time. I tried Lorelei in the front and she did quite well. When it was her nap time and we had no where to put her down I placed her in the Mei Tai on my back, it was exactly what she needed! She fell asleep and stayed that way for quite a well. We even went for a small hike with her on my back, it worked perfectly. I found the carrier to be very comfortable and so far I am happy with it.



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