Side Braid Baby Quilt

I made this baby quilt for my Uncle and his wife who live in Toronto. They just had a baby girl last month and I wanted to send them something special. I had a few quilts on the go so I decided on something simple. I used Jeni B. from In Color Order pattern called Side Braid. Although the pattern does not have baby quilt dimensions or instructions Jeni shared how she used the mini blocks in the bigger block layout and how is worked quite nicely. The quilt is approx 30"x39". Perfect for snuggling baby. I was happy to actually make a quilt from my stash and not have to buy for this specific project. As far as I know it is still making it’s way to Toronto.

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March Goal Complete!

My goal for March for A Lovely Year of Finishes challenge was to quilt and make the bias binding for the science fair quilt that I am making for my sister in law and her husband.

I tried to make continuous bias binding but failed! I just didn’t get it so I just cut all the strips and sewed them together. It still worked just fine just took a little more time!

I quilted with straight lines randomly spaced on an angle. I really love how it turned out! Now I have to put these two together and hopefully all those points won’t give me too much trouble.

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I have lots of projects to finish but instead I am sitting and planning a quilt top. I really want to start my daughters Posy quilt but I am still undecided on which color of solid I want to go with so I decided to start planning out a quilt I have all the supplies for. This one is for my brother. You see he was going to tile part of our house that is being built so I thought I would make him a quilt as a thank you but it turns out that his poor knees couldn’t handle tiling anymore but I had already bought the fabrics so he will be getting one anyways. Lucky boy, lol.

I decided to go with this quilt pattern at LRstitched called Orbit. It is a quilt along pattern but of course I am too late for the quilt along bit.

I got the planning sheet all printed out and trying to make it all prints work nicely together.  His quilt’s colors are inspired by a Robert Kaufman race car print from Boy Toys Collection. He loves cars and he will always love cars. Hopefully his future girlfriend or wife will be fine with it, lol. (He is only 26, how are my siblings getting so old?!?!)

Who knows when I will actually start this but the planning sheet says I am ready!

Kaleidoscope Quilt

I finished one of my WIPs! I started cutting out this quilt months ago! Every once and a while I would pull the pieces out again and sew the next step. You see I have a love hate relationship with it. I wish I had picked a different solid or maybe it was just not me. I just wasn’t feeling this quilt.  I had shown my Mom the fabrics and she said “this is more me than you” I kinda shrugged what she said off and kept sewing. Well the more I did the more I realized that this quilt was really just meant for my Mom.

I then decided to make this for her and finish it for Mothers day. I found that my attitude about getting this quilt done totally changed because I knew she would love it. Well my Mom was having some health problems so I decided to just finish it now! the blocks were all ready so Lorelei (my 4 year old daughter) helped me lay it out (some prints are too close for my liking but it makes it a little more special, right?!) I sewed all the blocks together. Then quilted it in dark pink! My mom loves pink. I was just waiting for my binding fabric to show up. Then she breaks her femur bone at her hip. Not cool at all! She was in the hospital starting on Thursday (March 14th) my binding material arrived the Friday!!! (the day she had hip surgery to replace that ball part of her femur bone) So I bound the whole quilt on Saturday, my thumb hurt by the end of the day! We delivered it to her on Sunday to hopefully raise her spirits and keep her warmer. She was so surprised and even cried a little. She hadn’t expected this quilt and I hadn’t mentioned to her that I had been working on it. She is now home and recovering. Thank goodness!

I used the QAL Kaleidoscope pattern found on Don't call me Betsy. The fabric is mostly from Joel Dewberry Heirloom plus a few other collections. Solid is Kona in Sky and Binding is Sketch in Lipstick.

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Bloglovin and Birthday

So with all the change coming about with Google Reader disappearing I figured I would try out Bloglovin. I have claimed my blog and if you would like to follow me via Bloglovin you can! Just click HERE

I forgot to share my daughter birthday present with you. I made her a little apron. We tend to make quite a few cookies around here and she really needed her own. She would go searching for one of her own when her sister would grab hers. She loves her apron!!!!

Here are a few pictures of Elenas birthday:

Elena loves bunnies so I made some cupcakes lucky her birthday is near Easter so I was able to find cute bunny pick!

Next some present opening don’t worry I will only post a few…

This is hard work, lol!!

And this is Two!


I sewed in zippers again! Practice makes perfect right?!

First, I used the Noodlehead gathered clutch tutorial by Anna. I have always wanted to make it and I needed some sew therapy after dealing with my sick with a cold cutting her molars two year old. So I took on the task and only broke one needle, oops.

When I received the scraps from the swap I joined there was a little bit of Tula Pink Parisville Topiary print. I have always liked this print even though it has little mice running though it, lol. And there was enough for the front band and the back! My awesome sewing buddy Brie had given me the green Sprout print from Parisville which I love!!!!! I am saving some it for a future project but cut away everything but a FQ leaving me the perfect amount for the front of this pouch. Score!

I love this pouch, it is so pretty plus it is useful! My rotary cutter and snips now make it their home!



Next I made a simple little tiny pouch to keep my clover clips. I only have ten that someone snuck into my sewing stash, she must love me or something! Yes I am spoiled. I used the Neat ‘n’ Tidy Zippered Pouch tutorial found on the dog under my desk blog by Erin. This pouch was done within minutes. So quick and easy. I had the perfect scrap of a field study print it is Migratory Lace in Seaweed  by Anna Maria Horner, I love it, again from my swap package! The pouch is perfect for my binding clips.


I think that I am becoming a little less afraid of zippers well at least for pouches.

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Swap package received!

I received the my package from my swap partner on Friday. I was very excited when I opened it to see this beautiful pouch within. I was so spoiled by Mel (you can find her here on Flickr) So thrilled to call this mine!

I am so happy that I finally joined a swap. I was able to try something new and make something for someone that they loved! Although I have to say I do not have enough scraps to be able to join another scrap swap yet, I need more variety! But if you have lots of scraps you should give it a try I know round 4 will be coming soon. You can find the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap here.

Here is my pouch standing up!


the other side:


My awesome pouch is kind of hiding all the scrap goodies she gave me plus two zips! My daughter was too eager to go through them and spread them out. They already have a love for fabric!


Appliquéd Drawstring Bags

I have some small finishes to share today. I made a couple more drawstring bags from Jeni’s Lined Drawstring Bag pattern. The first one I made was for my sister she demanded I mean requested another one for her birthday. So I pulled out a Joel Dewberry Heirloom print I had that every time she saw it she said “I really love that one.” Plus purple is her favorite color. This bag is the Artist size.


The second one I made for a friend. As I was making it I thought wouldn’t it be cute to put a little owl on the front?!?! So I pulled out some paper and drew one up and went for it. And I just happened to have the right colors of fabrics in my very limited stash! I am quite pleased with how this little guy turned out and I hope she is too when she gets it. This one was the Everything size minus a 1/2”… Oops, lol.


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A Lovely Year of Finishes - March

I came across the blog Fiber of all Sorts and saw that everything month they are having a goal setting blog hop called A Lovely Year of Finishes. You need to make a goal to finish a project then blog about it and link it up and then when you are done share it at the end of the month linky! I thought that this is a great idea. You see I usually have a few projects on the go and sometimes get distracted and avoid the ones that scare me or take me out of my comfort zone. So this month I am going to link up a project that I am making for my sister in law Kelli and her husband Jeff. You see they are both architects and they have both help build and design our house. When I saw architextures come out I knew it had to be bought for those two. Then when I saw Jaybird Quilts Science Fair design I was sold! I bought both!!!!


I now have the quilt top done and it has been sitting on my table for a little while. You see I am a little nervous about binding. I have never done bias binding and those corners kinda scare me. 


So my goal for March is to get this quilt quilted and cut out the binding! Wish me luck!

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