My Lilly Belle Quilt

Well I have to say that I am still in shock that I actually completed this quilt! I only started it almost 7 months ago… I was on a mission to not take any unfinished projects with me as we move. Trust me I have a list of projects that I want to start but they will have to wait!

I finished this quilt top back in January but really really wanted to Free Motion Quilt it. I decided to do a few smaller projects and practice. As I practiced I received some tips and encouragement.

First tip I got was from Krista over at Poppyprint. She directed me over to her tutorial on Flickr for spray basting. She said it was easier to FMQ with out having to worry about pins and the stress of the quilt shifting. I am totally sold on this method although I still pick and choose which projects to use the can of 505 on since it is not cheap.

Second tip was to wear gloves. At first I wasn’t a believer but then I tried and trust me it helped big time especially with a big quilt.

Third tip put music on. It will help you get into the flow of it.

Fourth check your set up. Are you too high? Too low? I was complaining about sore wrists and the lovely Felicity over at Felicity Quilts advised me to check my set up. (She has awesome FMQ skills) I have to say after tucking a few pillows under my bum it was sooooo much better.

I have to say my FMQ skills are not perfect by any means but I am super proud of this quilt.

This is my handsome and adorable quilt holding assistant. He was complaining about the size of this quilt while demonstrating how he had to hold it up… I love him. I am glad he supports me in my crazy sewing projects.

This is as straight as it got… Sadly the last quilt in front of this old shed… Happy to be moving soon though.

I used the Belle Wave quilt pattern by Faith over as Fresh Lemon Quilts. Yes I know I copied her down to the fabric but I was lucky enough to win this FQ bundle and I wanted a quilt! Although I made a few extra blocks six to be exact because I made an oops. I think it was the best oops because now I have a big quilt to snuggle under. I also changed the directions of the waves.

This quilt measures at about 60” by 75”. There are 8 prints from the Lilly Belle collection by Bari J. plus one Tula Pink called Sprout from Parisville and one Amy Butler called Martini in mustard from Midwest Modern. The solid is Kona Bone from Pink Castle fabrics. It is quilted in Aurifil #2026 which matches perfectly! The binding is Joel Dewberry’s herringbone print. Backing is a Henry Glass quilt backing print.

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Flower 241 Tote

I know I said no new sewing projects until after we move but this poor little girl has been pestering me about making her a ladybug purse like her sister. On Monday we went to Ikea, while we were there I let her pick out some fabric. She picked this crazy large flower print but it was perfect for fussy cutting the smaller flowers for the front and back panels.

I decided to use some lighter weight denim for the side panels and strap. (You can’t really tell in the pictures but it is a little speckled.)  I sadly did not have the hardware to make her strap adjustable so I just made it longer to wear messenger style.

I have a very very happy two year old now. She will no longer has to be jealous of her sister, lol. Oh girls…

I used the Noodlehead 241 Tote pattern printed at 75% again. It is such a great pattern. I still need to get my interfacing and such to make her Super Tote pattern! 

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4 year old sewing

Miss L has made two projects this month. This is what she has been up to…

So one day she was going through a pack of random charm squares (I had won a variety pack a while ago) she picked out four different prints and found a piece of craft felt. She gathered her supplies and then asked me if she could make a puppet.

We sat down together and I taught her how to do a running stitch to sew on her charm squares. Afterwards she sewed up the edges. Then we decided to hot glue the puppets hair and face on. (Mom did that) She was so proud of her sewing project.


Yes I still thread her needle and know the thread… She is only four…


The next day she asked me if she could sew a teddy bear. I happened to find some brown polar fleece that I had bought a long long time ago for something I am sure. She wanted to make a birthday present for her little buddy who was turning one. I helped by sewing on the face since we were using buttons I wanted them to be secure. I taught her how to do a whip stich around the edges. She struggled with this a little more. I needed to be close by… in the end she did it and stuffed it with a little help from Mom.


Apparently this teddy has been well loved in the past week or so.


I sure hope our adventures of sewing together continue. Who knows what she will ask to make next.

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Posy Quilt

It has been a quilt top for a while but over the weekend I finished this sweet quilt up! Miss E’s posy quilt or as she calls it her bunny blanket is all ready to cuddle with. She is willing to share pictures of it but don’t you even think about touching it…

This quilt is made with a pattern by Allison over at Cluck Cluck Sew called Inside Out. I modified it slightly by adding the left over pieces from the charm squares as a border and put the middle plus print at the ends instead of making them scrappy. The fabric is Posy by Aneela Hoey. I used charm packs and some bunny yardage for the inside pluses!

It is her bunny blanket because she LOVES bunnies! She tries to count all the little bunnies running in the pluses. I decided to use a print instead of a solid like the pattern suggests. It makes it busier but I wanted to feature those darling bunnies! (Although lately she says elephants are her favorite, silly girl)

I am also proud to announce that I actually free motioned a quilt! I did loops with my trusty Aurifil thread plus my gardening atlas grip gloves. (Thanks Cathy for the tip!) It is the only free motioning I know how to do, lol, I need more practice! You might ask if it was tricky with the minky backing. It wasn’t but I have to say it is because of the spray basting.(I used 505 spray adhesive) I would never attempt this with pins. Minky just stretches and pulls too much but she won’t sleep without a soft blanket. It washed up so nicely! Perfect for snuggling!

This quilt is bound with a crosshatch print from Blooms and Bursts by Jen Da Silva that I found at a local quilt store. All put together makes a happy little girl…

…and a cute bed! All ready to sleep. If you are wondering this is a Ikea adjustable bed at the smallest setting. The quilt fits pretty well just a little bit too narrow that doesn’t really matter though.

With the added borders the quilt measures at approx. 38” by 43 1/2”. Now to maybe finish up my last WiP before we move! Fingers crossed!

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Baby Strip Quilt

I guess those around me will benefit from my quilting obsession. I kinda feel bad that I have cousins and other family members/friends that I have not make baby quilts for but I just wasn’t into quilting then…

This baby quilt was not hard and no I didn’t practice my Free Motion Quilting. I should have but quick straight lines were quicker. I need to start packing and stop sewing. Although I am still going to try to sneak another WIP in before the end of the month. However when I look at the calendar that might not happen… we will see…

So I took my yardage (I had some 1/4 and 1/2 yards) and cut random width strips and sewed them together. Those rows are straight really it was just the wind.


This line was called Tutti Frutti from Timeless Treasures and I mixed in another couple dots and some Kona white. It is quilted 1/4” away from each seam with some Aurifil thread.


This fabric was one of my first just because it was cute purchases. I was thinking of making quilt for one of my girls with it but then I won the Simply Color Layer Cake and Miss L like that better. I love those little pears! I had bought enough for the backing of a baby quilt.


I think that this quilt is an awesome spring/summer baby quilt. I hope it is enjoyed by the new parents and their little princess. It measures at approx. 33 by 38 inches.

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Batman Pouches

I was really trying to get a baby quilt done for this weekend but my Dad got into an accident. Luckily he is okay. We were very worried for a moment since he was on his motorcycle when it happened and was air lifted to the hospital. Scary stuff. Tomorrow my Dad goes in for surgery on his wrist/hand. We are so glad that all he came away with was a few broken bones.  Poor Daddy is all broken and it is his birthday today too. He was giving me a hard time since I did not have a quilt ready for him. I had made one for my mom for mothers day but she got it a few months early when she was in the hospital. She had broke her leg and had a partial hip replacement. Yes my parents are falling apart. Ugh.

Anyhow I was able to get the birthday present done earlier this week for this weekend plus a custom order. Little boys no matter their age need a little batman in their life, right?! I made some more striped pouches from this tutorial here. I figure this a great size for in diaper bags for small stuff..


And some toy leashes from this tutorial here.


Sorry that is all the sewing that has happened this week. It has been crazy. I am tired.

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Happy Mail!

I had joined a mug rug swap on Flickr. I didn’t have one and thought it would be a great idea to make one from someone (I didn’t take a picture of the mug rug I sent bundled with the tea bags and dumpling pouch, silly me.) and then of course receive one. Well I lucked out and got two! This lovely packaged arrived in my new mailbox that we happened to check while we were there last weekend. I guess that is the plus of having our mailbox set up at the new house.


I love them both so much and of course all the goodies too! I love the colors she used. They are so perfect! Thanks again Candice.

I have been busy trying to get some gifts done for this weekend. So far I have completed the small projects and now I have a baby quilt to finish! Hopefully I will be done it by tomorrow. Question do you machine bind your binding or hand sew it when making a baby quilt?

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