Geeky Zig Zag Quilt Take 2


A few of the blogs that I follow introduced me to the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I decided that I would love to enter my husbands quilt. So those who follow my blog may have seen it already not that long ago sorry but I did take some new pictures!

The story behind this quilt is I really wanted to make my husband a quilt and was struggling on a theme. He came across the circuit board print and suggested a computer theme. I was able to find some awesome prints! The quilt fits my husband since he is a computer geek. I did have some trying moments with hours of squaring blocks but it was totally worth it. I love seeing those I love wrapped in a quilt I made for them :)

Look at this little geek!


I pieced the back with some left over yardage. I love how the quilting looks on the back!


  It is now his cuddle up on the couch quilt :)


Finished quilt measures: Approx. 50” by 75”

Quilted by: Me on my home sewing machine

Best category: Favourite Quilt Photographer, Favourite Throw Quilt, Favourite Home Machine Quilted Quilt


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Simple Stripes Quilt

I made this baby quilt a while ago but finally finished up by embroidering the name and birth date  on a piece of fabric then sewing it on. We were just waiting on this sweet bundle to arrive before it could be really done!

I used this tutorial from diary of a quilter. And practiced some straight line quilting! I am happy with how it turned out and I hope that the Mom loves it too!

SDP-20121025-02 SDP-20121025-04

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Just a side note I got my free Simply Color Bundle in the mail and it is awesome. Thanks Fat Quarter Shop and from blank pages… I am glad that I participated in the friendship bracelet quilt hop :) If you want to look at my pouch that won me this awesome bundle you can here!


Baby doll sling

I had made Lorelei a baby doll carrier but she did not like it because she could not see her baby’s face as she carried her. So one day she had used a play necklace to tie her baby to her like a sling. So I told her that I would make her a sling for her baby the next day. The next day came and I wasn't even allowed to eat breakfast before I made the sling! These are the fabrics she choose from my small stash in the closet.  I used this tutorial from chasing cheerios. If you want a quick and easy Christmas gift for a little girl in your life this is perfect!


Feeding her baby:


Luckily Elena still wears the original baby carrier I made! Love these girls!


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Geeky Zig Zag Quilt

I made a Zig Zag quilt! It was a lot of work and I must say I was about to just give up at times but I did it! I wanted to make a quilt for my husband. I asked him what he wanted and he said a computer themed quilt would be great. So I hunted down some pac man, space invaders, circuit boards, computer keyboards, some geeks gone wild print, and some blue prints then started cutting!

He loves it and I am glad it is finally done. I backed it with some left over yardage. And quilted it in navy cotton 1/4 away from the seams. It measures at approx. 50” by 75” Oh and I have to mention that I was shown some love by a quilt fairy who donated me some batting :) Thanks!!!!!

And it finally took a break from raining today so we were able to go outside and take a picture!




And I have to share a picture of my crazies making some mud soup or something…


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