Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress

Last week an order came in the mail with some sweet kitty cat fabrics. I bought one for me and one for my cat loving three year old. When I took it out of the package she squealed with delight when she saw her fabric. I gave her a few options of what Mommy could make her and some how I was convinced to make her a dress. I had only ordered a yard so I went on hunt for the perfect pattern.

I picked the Ice Cream Dress by Oliver and S. The pockets sold me because she is in love with pockets! I was able to download it digitally. Print it out on my FIL’s large plotter printer that we still have from building the house with some help from the husband of course. Yay  for no taping! I had even managed to buy some parchment paper recently which worked perfectly for tracing out the pattern size I needed!


I happened to have just enough Stella Dot in Pink and Purple print for the top and bottom left over from Miss L’s quilt! The colors are made for each other so perfect for the Hello Petal Kitty Cat print. I love that everything is faced on the inside the only exposed seams are the side seams which could easily be done as a french seam. The extra lining fabric on the skirt band gives it a nice weight.


It just has a button and loop closure. Luckily we even had a button! I made her the size 3T (which happens to fit her older sister too it is just a lot shorter.) I am hoping it will fit Miss E for a while. She told me today that she wants me to make her lots of dresses and skirts. I guess my vow of not being a garment seamstress is void.


Who can say no to such a cutie?! Also big sis thinks she needs a dress too. I am stuck on what size to make Miss L though because her measurements are so small. She is nothing but bones and muscle, she actually measures tinier that her little sister. Miss L saw the Geranium dresses Amy made for her girls so you will most likely see the exact same fabric and dress here for my horse lover! After I figure out what size to make that is…


I joined a swap on IG a few weeks ago where the idea of the swap was that you sew something and then you get something knitted or crocheted in return. My partner gave me a list of things she wanted so I picked one and went with it. I picked the Noodlehead Divided Basket pattern. I knew she likes colorful fabrics so I figured that the lovely fat eighth bundle of Mor Mor and Sylvia I had sitting would be a lovely choice for her. I didn’t just want to make a plain baskets that would be too boring. I cut out 2” triangles and I have to say I love the results. I embellished the pocket…


…and then on the other side I put a strip of triangles going down it.


I ordered some DearStella scissors from Patterncrush for the lining and some Essex dyed linen in black from Westwood Acres. When the linen arrived in the mail I knew it was meant to be. I have to say my basket is jealous of the time and effort I put into this one ;)


Jealous or not I love my basket. I keep it just behind my sewing machine the current things I am working on have seemed to gather in there.


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