Baby Bassinet

Scott and I got Lorelei a Play Kitchen for Christmas which I am very excited about! We got her this one, the KidKraft Retro Pink set.

Pink Retro Kitchen

Therefore I decided that I was not going to spend any more money on her except I bought a few dishes. So I have been looking for tutorials online for things to make with the supplies that I have at home. I have been busy making some felt food, apron, etc. I will share those with you later. 

As some of you know I am expecting a new addition to our family in February. So I want her to have baby stuff to play with. Lorelei already loves playing with her baby dolls so when I came across a tutorial (part one and part two) from Twelve Crafts till Christmas I knew she would love it! I found some free fabric in my Mom’s workroom and this is what I came up with. I loved how it turned out hopefully she will like it!


Colour Book

I set out to do this some time ago but never got around to it. I was even going to make the book with a bunch of people but that never happened either. I followed this tutorial at Everyday Celebrations blog.

I had a rough time finding enough fabric scraps for the colours orange and yellow but between what I had here and my Mom’s workroom I was able to get enough! A few changes I made was that I used grommets for the corners instead of cutting just a hole and a nice heavy key ring to hold them all together, I think that the binder ring would come apart too easily. (again the grommets were found in my Mom’s workroom, you have to love free things! and my sister found me the key ring). I also decided not to add words to my cover. Oh and I also sewed down the letters which was a pain in the butt but after making lots of felt stories and knowing felt doesn’t like much to stick to it I decided to stitch them along with the heat n bond. No peeling letter here!

That’s it! I am pretty happy with how it turned out, I hope she likes it! Now I have to decide on whether I am giving it to Lorelei for Christmas or her birthday.



My sister’s apron

I have neglected my poor blog for quite some time. I once heard that blogging is kind of like a diet you are really great at it for a while and then stop but then get back on. Since it is Christmas season I have been very busy starting projects. So hopefully I will have enough creative things to post for a while :)

I was making this apron for my sister for Christmas but then we decided to draw names between siblings so she got it early. I used parts of my Amy Butler pattern and then I traced out one of my halter dresses to create a pattern for the top. I changed up the pocket and the pleating from the pattern as well. I had a lot of fun putting it together and was glad that my creating pattern drafting worked out!

I used a fabric line by Henry Glass called Fandango:

Brown Butterflies Fandango by Henry Glass image

She Loved it!SDP-20101029-20

Which one to choose?

With baby number two on it’s way in the next few months I am need of a diaper bag that is not falling apart and yet is big enough to tote around everything I need to two children! I know I don’t need a designer diaper bag but that is what Christmas is for right? I am having a problem figuring out which one I actually want. I know that I want the glazed fabric because it will be easy to clean but what pattern? Help please!

Homemade Play Dough

A while ago I bought a play dough set thinking that it would have lots of use over the years well I didn’t think she would like it so much already. The store bought stuff dried out so I made some homemade play dough. The only thing is that this recipe turned out sticky I am going to try a different one next time.

Working hard on her masterpiece:  SDP-20100604-137 SDP-20100604-126

Yuck Mom it is stuck on my finger!SDP-20100604-127 


I love this little girl! SDP-20100604-133

New Hair Clips!

Last week I made a bunch of hair clips for some of my younger cousins. Since I had all of my supplies down I figured I would try something new for Lorelei. This is what I came up with and I love them! I think that I am going to make a few more :) SDP-20100526-15SDP-20100526-16

another idea for Lorelei…

I saw these plans for this daybed on a blog called knock of wood. I am thinking that I might get my father-in-law make it for Lorelei. What do  you think?

A day at the beach.

Just a little peek inside our family blog!

Scott, Lorelei and I went to Cresent Beach in White Rock for a little while last Friday. We were celebrating our 6th anniversary with our little girl! When we first got there she wasn’t too sure of where she was and held tight to our hands but then when we got to the water she wanted to run away. She loved the water even though it was cold and very yucky looking.


She tripped and fell in the wet sand. She loved running back and forth splashing in the shallow water.

SDP-20100521-22 SDP-20100521-26
SDP-20100521-33 SDP-20100521-34


She decided to try to go for a swim but then wanted to get up and have some more fun. We decided that she was too cold since she was shivering and needed some non-wet clothes.

SDP-20100521-54 SDP-20100521-58

We got her changed and she was still pretty cold but still wanted to go explore. Plus we had forgotten to pack an extra sweater.  I decided to share mine with her until we got to the warm car!



  SDP-20100521-123 SDP-20100521-109

SDP-20100521-126 SDP-20100521-132

Warming up in the car and of course putting on some lip gloss.


We stopped by A&W on the way home for dinner where Lorelei ate her first baby burger. It was so cute. She wouldn’t let me hold it to help her eat it. She did it all by herself we sure wished we had the camera inside. Afterwards we dropped her off with Grandpa and headed to the temple. It was a great day! I love my little family!

Wallpaper Ideas…

I want to do a feature wall in my bedroom. I found some rooms with some ideas of what I like. Again it will be a while before I really get to pick it out but I have just been thinking about it… What do you think? Who knows if I will be able to find some of these wallpapers but I thought they were pretty :)

Damask wallpaper living room

freckles chic


Big Girl Bedroom Ideas ….

As some of you know Scott and I are in the very early phases of planning the build of our very first home! Well partly ours since my in-laws will be in a suite. I am pretty excited. Lately I have been researching big girl furniture for Lorelei.

I like these two sets from Costco:image


I like the idea of white furniture for her bedroom and I love the idea of the trundle. Hmmm I wonder what we will end up doing. I can’t wait to paint and decorate her room. I know it will be a while before we get to that part of the house but I can’t help but think about it.

Diapering for Dollies…

I found this pattern for diapers for dolls on the Skip to my Lou blog a few months ago and thought it was a cute idea. So after Lorelei went to bed on Saturday I made a couple up for her. She is so in to taking care of her baby doll right now. She wraps her up in her blanket, takes her for rides in the stroller, feeds her cookies and milk :) So now she can change her diaper. Well lets rephrase that she can take it off and ask us to put it back on. Little girls are so much fun!

This was a super quick and easy project! The only thing I changed in the pattern was I put a long piece of velcro along the front so it can fit different sizes of dolls.


Just a little bunny rattle…

I just finished up a bunny rattle for someone as a baby gift. I think that it turned out darling! I put a little bell inside so it jingles a little :)


Yet another project to do one day…

I couldn’t help myself. I saw the words sale. I saw the cutest fabric that would make the cutest quilt so what did I do? I bought the LOVE U by Deb Strain charm pack to make a baby quilt with. Yes you might think Samantha you are not having a baby nor are you pregnant but one day it will happen again and when it does I will have the cutest tummy time quilt to make :)  I think it will be so bright and cheerful!

Love U Charm Pack Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics

I was thinking about this pattern found on Sew, Mama, Sew 


So I have to blame Diana for my latest obsession. I hadn’t really thought about aprons as being cute. Then I started looking at the oh so many cute aprons there are. Needless to say I ended up buying a pattern and some fabric. Soon I will have a oh so cute apron! I am excited about finally making myself something :) I am just going to have to wait for some of my supplies to arrive from etsy  :(

Here is a peek of what I am putting together! And maybe I will have enough to make a little one for Lorelei to match :)

Pattern by Amy Butler:

Main Fabric by Patty Young:image 

Ties and pockets Fabric by Amy Butler:image

Maybe something like this for Lorelei, tutorial at Skip to my Lou:


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