A girly clutch ball and quilt squares….

  I made Lorelei a pretty clutch ball to kick around the house. She does love it!


On another note I have started cutting 4 inch quilt squares for Lorelei`s quilt. So far I have cut all the prints leaving just the plain beiges to cut. Here is a peek of the beautiful fabrics! Five of the prints are from Lila Tueller`s Santorini line.


Oh and for those who are wondering what pattern I am going to be using it is call the disappearing nine patch. I found a tutorial of it here. I am hoping that mine will look similar to this beautiful quilt that I found on Flickr. I found her quilt very inspiring. I also love how she used the white with the prints. I thinks it is less busy and frames the beautiful prints.

freshly washed + on the bed. by { philistine made }.

Yet another baby ball

I decided to make a friend a taggy baby ball for her sweet new little one. It was a quick sew compared to the clutch ball. I found the tutorial here. I wanted to add ribbon tags to it so I cut out about two inches folded them in half and sewed them on the edges before sewing the seams together. I added a bell inside it, which was pretty muted due to the poly fill. It is about the size of a softball perfect for little hands :)

SDP-20100219-2 SDP-20100219-3

Baby Clutch Ball

So I have been escaping reality by doing some sewing projects lately. My house is starting to look a little messy but I don’t really care at the moment. I decided to make a baby clutch ball after seeing them on etsy. I have to say that it was a lot of work and took a lot of time to make but I think that it will be enjoyed by the special someone who I made it for. Afterwards I said that I wasn’t going to make another but I think that Lorelei loved it! So I will have to make her one to kick around the house and such!

The pattern is here. I used the plump version of the pattern. It is about the size of a basketball. It seems perfect for little hands to grab onto as well.

SDP-20100217-34-Edit SDP-20100217-35

Knitting Needle Case

My Dear Grandmother has been knitting toques, mittens and slippers for the homeless. Last time I was at her house she had needles all over the place. I thought the she could use a little organization so I went online for a search for a tutorial and this is what I found, SDP-20100216-32 SDP-20100216-33

I pretty much followed the measurements and spacing the the pockets. I changed up a few things like not binding the outside of it instead sewing it together inside out and pulling it through to top stitch around the edge. I also put some stiff fabric in the inside to give it more substance. All in all it was a easy project just a pain to make sure you are stitching your pockets straight, I guess I should have some chalk for moments like that. I hope that she gets good use out of it.


I have fallen in love with felt food. I have collected pictures upon pictures of what I want to make for Lorelei. I know that she won’t be able to really play with them for a while but I want to build up a collection for when she is older. I really want to get her a play kitchen one day and I can just imagine the fun we will have.

My first felt food project were simple strawberries. I am pleased with how they turned out. Maybe next I will make something from the book Scott got me for Christmas, My Favourite Felt Sweets. Cakes, Cookies, Chocolates…hmmmmm so many yummy things to choose from.


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