Rainbow Cupcakes…

So my little crazy two year old princess loves rainbows right now. So when I saw some layers of the rainbow cupcakes I figured it would be a fun rainy day activity! I used a basic white cake recipe and separated it into six bowls. Mixed the colors and went from there. This is how they turned out:





Lorelei was one happy girl! It was worth all the work that was involved. Don’t worry she shared some with her cousins.

Vinyl Sign Love!

So I went to a girls craft night the other night to make my very first vinyl sign. It was fun, a lot of work but fun. We did a Hallowe’en themed board. Last minute touch was antiquing it with orange paint. i plan on putting a ribbon across the top too. What do you think?


I think that I really should get a cutter machine for Christmas, my birthday or even mother’s day! *hint,hint* I was thinking of the new silhouette cameo that is being released in october:

I am wanting to do more projects that is for sure. Here are a few that I have been eyeing:

NEW Family Rules Subway Art Typography Word Art Sign - Your Choice of Color

That is only a few. There are so many out there. Also I would want to do some vinyl wall decals too. Like these:

That little machine can also cut paper of course and there are tons of projects to do. I have to say I am excited about how it can cut fabric. You can cut flowers for appliques for t-shirts or dresses. Shapes for hair clips. So many thing to do. If only I had the time, the machine and the supplies! One day maybe… Until then more girls craft nights.

Crochet Headband.

So I made this headband for Elena for our family pictures a few weeks ago. I must start with saying I do not know how to crochet but I do know how to finger crochet. It is pretty easy. Here is a YouTube video to show you how or you can use a hook and do it properly.

I followed this tutorial. From the blog You Seriously Made That.

The only thing that I changed was I did not use ribbon to tie it closed. I got a hair elastic and hot glued it to either side where the ribbon is that way it was easier to put on Elena’s head. Here are some pictures of her wearing it! I also did not do a good job at counting the chain. I just made it until I thought it was long enough.



Once upon a time…

About 8 months ago I made this quilt. My first quilt and I am oh so very proud of it. Although with being pregnant and then having a new born blogging didn’t happen much. I am going to try to be better. I have a few projects to share with you and upcoming ones too!

So I used a pattern from Sew, Mama, Sew. You can find it here. I had bought a charm pack last year called Love U by Deb Strain. Super Cute! I bought quilting cottons fabric from the local fabric store for the binding and sashing and some white minky for the backing. The only thing that I changed was I added a border piece to the sides. It was a super easy first quilt now I just need to get back to Lorelei’s that I started a long, long time ago.


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