Some Silhouette Projects

My awesome husband got me a silhouette cameo for Christmas. So far I have made a vinyl decal for my laptop and Scott made a batman decal for the back of the iPad.

I did spend some time and designed a family rule/motto board. Although I had to wait for some longer cutting mats and had to buy them from a different company because silhouette only has a 12 by 12 right now.  I am happy with how it turned out!


I downloaded a jpeg of a horse for Lorelei and edited in the silhouette program. I was happy with my new skills! I tried cutting fabric with the cameo. I bought the two different interfacing that the silhouette company says to use. The one I used so far was the sewable one. After ironing it on I went around the edges with pink embroidery thread.  I have to say that Lorelei was excited to have a big black horse shirt.


I have more projects to do but some of them have to wait for the new house. Since I have no where to put them here.


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