Knitting Needle Case

My Dear Grandmother has been knitting toques, mittens and slippers for the homeless. Last time I was at her house she had needles all over the place. I thought the she could use a little organization so I went online for a search for a tutorial and this is what I found, SDP-20100216-32 SDP-20100216-33

I pretty much followed the measurements and spacing the the pockets. I changed up a few things like not binding the outside of it instead sewing it together inside out and pulling it through to top stitch around the edge. I also put some stiff fabric in the inside to give it more substance. All in all it was a easy project just a pain to make sure you are stitching your pockets straight, I guess I should have some chalk for moments like that. I hope that she gets good use out of it.


candise said...
February 16, 2010 at 6:28 PM

Martha Stewart eat her heart out! I just spent like half hour reading your blog, you are SOO TALENTED!! I can't believe you know how to make all that cool stuff... actually,now that I think about it, I can... I still have the cute little pillow you made me when I got married... anyways, You are amazing that's all I have to say.

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