Nursery Rhymes…

As some of you know I went to school and got my Early Childhood Education Certificate. During that time you have to build up your resources and props for circles and other activities to keep the children from climbing up the walls. One of my favorite places to go on the internet is  they have a ton of awesome things.  One section is full of Nursery Rhymes that we all grew up on. I thought that I would simply print some out and one day soon Lorelei will have a blast with them!

So this is something quick and easy! All you need is a printer, cardstock (normal paper works too but it is not as durable) and some clear shelf liner or a laminator (laminating the pieces makes the pieces stronger than the shelf liner, it depends on how destructive your child is). Oh and of course some self-adhesive Velcro for the back if you plan on using them on a felt board. I just printed them in color but if your child is older they may enjoy coloring the pieces them self.

Down By the Bay:SDP-20090824-2 Old McDonald:SDP-20090824-3 Pussy cat, pussy cat:SDP-20090824-4


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