Recently I made some felt coasters for a friend who got married. I sat in front the computer trying to get inspiration for my design and came across some lovely paper which I can not find the website at the moment to show you. After I drew out what I wanted. I cut out the pieces, pulled out some embroidery floss then sewed it all together. I really enjoy sewing by hand, the control and exactness you can achieve. Although when I was a teenager and was forced to sew with my Mom I hated it! I am thankful for the skill that I have, I could not imagine what I would do without it.


A couple Christmases ago I also made these coasters for my sister in-laws. I can not take credit for designing the leaf ones or the green ones but I designed the layered sunflower. I think that one day I should sit down and make some for myself :) Oh did I mention that I LOVE  felt, I want to learn how to make some one day. Although I think that involves knitting and I am not good at that :(


IMG_0111 IMG_0495


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