Striped Zipper Pouch

I found this pouch a while ago as I was mindlessly going through Pinterest and pinned it as a “I want to make that one day” project. The link brought me to Pink Stitches blog and her tutorial to make a Striped Zipper Pouch

I decided recently that I wanted to get my pay it forward gifts done before I need to pack and unpack then set up house. Who knows how long it will be before I sew again... fingers crossed not too long. Well it has to be sometime before Christmas that is for sure! So I went to my little sewing project board on Pinterest and picked this pouch to make.

Pouch number two for the week of pouches:

This pouch was a super quick sew! Simple and straight forward. It was bigger than I expected since I didn’t really look at the size beforehand. The measurements were approx. 8” deep, 10 “ wide at the tops and 8” wide at the bottom. The gussets were about 3” inches as well. I think that this size would be great for small knitting or crochet projects not that I do either. I can dream. One day I may possess that talent. I think that it could be used for all sorts of things though. Sewing, travelling, toys, etc.

btw I used cotton lining and cotton on the outside. I decided not to interface it like suggested I only used batting.

(I do not remember the name of this fabric line. I made an apron out of it for one of my sister in laws a year ago. It was the year of apron making for Christmas.)

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Julie Cefalu said...
June 19, 2013 at 10:38 AM

Your zipper pouch is adorable! I love the fabric you used.
Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

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