Forgotten Birthday Post

I forgot to post all of the pinterest pins I made for Scott’s birthday at the end of July. I know it is late but it is better than never. We made way too many sweets but that is what my husband likes. Plus he was turning 30 and needed to be spoiled!

I made him a chocolate chip cookie birthday cake found on the Something Shiny blog. This cake was super yummy! Just make sure you make it before you need it allowing time for the frosting to set.


We made chocolate chip cookie dough truffles found on the Bakerella website. I personally liked the cookie dough from this recipe better than the cookie dough for the cake filling. This were yummy but very rich for me.


This recipe was not from pinterest but I saw the idea of putting crushed Oreos in chocolate cookies from somewhere, lol. I used my go to chocolate cookie recipe found on Allrecipes I just substituted one cup of chocolate chips for crushed Oreos. This were pretty yummy but I do not think I will make them with Oreos again.


Next my lovely sister in law made my last pinterest were these Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. These are found on the amandeleine website. These were to die for but almost too much for one cookie because they were massive!

SDP-20120722-44  SDP-20120723-08   

This is what happens when you don’t have time to let the icing set and we were at a warm park. the cake started shifting! Good thing it still tasted yummy!


Thanks for all of the family who came out and celebrated with us! it was a awesome birthday for my amazing boy!


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