A day at the beach.

Just a little peek inside our family blog!

Scott, Lorelei and I went to Cresent Beach in White Rock for a little while last Friday. We were celebrating our 6th anniversary with our little girl! When we first got there she wasn’t too sure of where she was and held tight to our hands but then when we got to the water she wanted to run away. She loved the water even though it was cold and very yucky looking.


She tripped and fell in the wet sand. She loved running back and forth splashing in the shallow water.

SDP-20100521-22 SDP-20100521-26
SDP-20100521-33 SDP-20100521-34


She decided to try to go for a swim but then wanted to get up and have some more fun. We decided that she was too cold since she was shivering and needed some non-wet clothes.

SDP-20100521-54 SDP-20100521-58

We got her changed and she was still pretty cold but still wanted to go explore. Plus we had forgotten to pack an extra sweater.  I decided to share mine with her until we got to the warm car!



  SDP-20100521-123 SDP-20100521-109

SDP-20100521-126 SDP-20100521-132

Warming up in the car and of course putting on some lip gloss.


We stopped by A&W on the way home for dinner where Lorelei ate her first baby burger. It was so cute. She wouldn’t let me hold it to help her eat it. She did it all by herself we sure wished we had the camera inside. Afterwards we dropped her off with Grandpa and headed to the temple. It was a great day! I love my little family!


Kat said...
May 27, 2010 at 10:23 PM

Love the pic of you 2 where you're kissing her.. and the one where she is bundled up and you're both looking over your shoulder.. so cute! You are so blessed.

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