Christmas presents revealed….

So as many as you know I was trying my best to give my family home made gifts for Christmas. The only person I didn’t make anything for was my baby girl… Oh well I make her things all the time :)

I made these notepad holders for my sisters-in-law, I must say that this is not my original idea, I was inspired by something I saw on the internet. I truly hope that they find a way to use them in their life…We also stuck a gift card of some sorts in them that hopefully they will share with their husbands!


For two of my brothers. I made them these IPod sleeves. I am really happy with how they turned out! I was inspired by ones I had seen while browsing etsy.


After much thought I came up with something for my most difficult brother to give a gift. I hope that he loves it since I really didn’t ever want to know anything about Magic: The Gathering card game. I made him a bookmark with the five different manas on it.


For my youngest sister I made her a sketchbook/pencil crayon holder. She love to draw so I know that it will be well used. I used this pattern.


For my other sister I made her a make-up brush holder that she asked me for like two years ago.


Next I made something for my Mom. She is a seamstress and love vintage machines. I thought she would find joy in these coasters.


For my Mom and Dad I made them a Blurb book of all of their wedding pictures. If you have never made one you should! It is so much fun!


I enjoyed coming up with the gifts that I made and I am glad that everyone loved them! I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas!


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