Hair Clip Holders…

Since I have started to make Hair Clips I decided that they needed a home so I wouldn’t find them lying about the house. I found some inspiration from Joy's Hope blog and came up with this:


IMG_5832-2 A few months ago I had make these hair clip holders for a couple of darling little girls in the family. I made them from felt and a few other things I found around the house:IMG_0150

I would have loved to make a few of those ones for Lorelei but our cat, Bagheera would have wanted to play with the hanging ribbon a little too much!


Becca said...
July 14, 2009 at 10:38 PM

hey that's smart! I like it. we try to keep cala's clips centralized in a container in the bathroom but I think something like that is pretty neat. good job!

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